“I spent my childhood years in Ukraine. The apartment I used to live in there was furnished with standard curtains and furniture, resembling the apartments of my friends and relatives to such extend, that you could easily mistake them.


Before I had even graduated from high school, I made a complete makeover of the apartment. I reupholstered all the furniture, basting new damask over the old one, then I sued new curtains for the kitchen with playful curls on them, and for the living room I loosely twined wide ribbons of silk around the curtain rails. The hardest part in the redecorating process was finding a way to add diversity to the curtains in the room of my two little sisters. At that time the market didn’t offer any fabrics with suitable textile designs, nor accessories. The idea came to me in a pharmacy – displayed on the shop window were teething rings for babies. I both around twenty of them, sued them randomly on a curtain made of white marquisette and ran colorful ribbons between the rings. The end result looked beautiful and cozy. That was the moment I realized the power of textile in the interior design, but I didn’t yet know that “dressing” homes up will become my profession.


Many years have passed since then, but the desire to decorate remained. I put my heart and soul into each project and feel so genuinely happy when seeing the achieved results. That’s the reason for my success, which is not being measured by money, but by the satisfaction of my clients.”


Oxana Natalushko